24.10.2013 Author: Jim Dean

Israel cries wolf too many times with Iran

fast_attacks_bUS Mid East policy has been shifting subsequent to Netanyahu betting the farm on intimidating Obama during his White House visit. His goal had been to redirect American Syrian regime change aggression back onto Iran, using the bomb hoax scam again. The tactics used were the usual two pronged attack. 

First the ‘non-Jewish controlled’ American press published a psyops campaign of articles trying to make it look like Obama was retreating from the chemical weapons agreements on Syria before the ink was hardly dry. And second, Bibi thought he could push a ‘no nuclear activity at all or be bombed’ jihad on Iran. 

He made a fool of himself bragging that Israel would go it alone if necessary to stop Iran from having a bomb, with the new red line. The world listened with astonishment as Netanyahu, with the biggest regional stockpile of WMD, was crying out to the world that Iran was too dangerous to be allowed any nuclear activity at all, despite its having a right to do so under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 

Israel continues co-development with India of multiple war head intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as I type. These will be able to strike the U.S., China or the Russian Federation. Why does Israel need these? Why does India? Why is no one even asking…not media, no other countries, no think tanks?? Very strange don’t you think? 

The New York Times was caught shilling big time for Israel, printing Netanyahu’s version of what Obama said, which was quickly picked up by other media. The Times and Bibi did not seem the slightest embarrassed when the White House version differed from theirs. 

We were curious at Veterans Today to learn more about the exchange in their two private meetings. The usual Zionist tactic used on America is to threaten attacking alone, which of course would endanger all US forces and installations in the region. The theory is we would have to join in the attack as the best defense against the expected retaliation. 

Our sources confirmed that Bibi did threaten that if the US reached an accommodation on Iran’s nuclear programs then Israel would have to attack by themselves, but Obama’s answer was said to be, “Good luck with that!” Somehow I don’t think that was the kind of response that Bibi was expecting. 

We further learned that Putin and Obama had discussed some Iran ‘what if’ scenarios during the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg. We also confirmed what we had always expected, that if Israel did actually attack, Iran would launch a massive retaliation against Israel. Their goal would be to inflict enough damage on Israel and anyone assisting, to discourage further attacks. 

Iran has 2000 medium range missiles which the Chinese upgraded with state of the art guidance systems to strike within 50 feet of their target. Iran does not need a nuclear retaliation, because it has a conventional one. Israel’s defenses would be overwhelmed because their missile defense is dependent on the US Ageis destroyers participating with their radars and missiles if needed.

During the last Israeli attack on Gaza Western media conveniently did not cover that the US Ageis destroyers were not around as the key component of Israel’s Iron Dome, and the Gazan’s little rockets rained down on Israel. Israel claimed a 90% destruction rate, but they historically have never disclosed accurate damage statistics. 

American engineers who had worked on the Israeli system with its Patriot missiles watched all the video footage and concluded the opposite. They concluded that 90% got through with most landing in uninhabited areas, hence the few casualties. 

What the Israeli had been reporting as hits were mostly their own missiles self destructing as they were programed to do when they missed their targets. The US had similarly falsified the effectiveness of the Patriot system going all the way back to Gulf War I. The main problem being they could not really hit their incoming missiles but exploded near them. The biggest loss of US troops to missile fire came from such a damaged SCUD which exploded onto a personnel facility. 

There was some big news which surprised us. We learned that Obama and Putin had discussed some ‘what if’ scenarios if who did what to whom, how would each react. Our relationship with Israel is somewhat like an iceberg in that only part of our agreements are public and many are below the surface and virtually unknown, a dangerous replay situation of WWI. 


If Israel did strike Iran, who then retaliated, is the US already in some kind of pre-agreement to defend Israel with US forces regardless of who attacked first? Based on our disastrous history of making Israel the monster of the Mid East, one might easily assume we are on the hook by a agreement from a past administration. 

The main example of this is our never publicly acknowledging Israel’s WMD. Richard Nixon made that deal and all presidents afterward have honored it.When that agreement was made America did not have a pre-emptive strike doctrine. Because we do now, would Israeli have us over a barrel? 

We have been closely watching the change in the diplomatic tone after the Syrian strike cancellation. We noticed that Obama used a carefully chosen terminology when reaffirming America’s support for Israel…to defend it ‘from aggression’. 

The bells and whistles went off with our people as that was not the usual blanket commitment which has gotten us in so much trouble. It undermines Israel having any real incentive to make peace, especially when one of its major economic engines is preparing forboth conventional and nuclear war. 

But the good news is that there are two huge feet on the brake pedal of Israel actually attacking Iran, the first one being the US standing aside during a retaliation on Israel. Why? Our sources have informed us Putin has already informed Obama that if the US attacked Iran for retaliating against an Israeli first strike that he would consider that an attack on the Soviet Union. We all know what that means. 

There is a precedent for this. Before the 1967 war the Russians became aware of the US involvement in the planning with Israel. Soviet Ambassador Alexei Kosygin had passed on to President Johnson that if American military forces attacked either Egypt or Syria, it would be considered an attack on the Soviet Union. The initial target date of the attack was June 15, but Israelis moved the attack date up to the 6th so the Americans would not have time to back out. 

Peter Hounam’s book Operation Cyanide details the whole story. Before he died retired Naval intelligence officer Dick Thompson, who produced the documentary USS Liberty Dead in the Water, had briefed me on his secret trip to Russia. Highly respected by the Russians, they had flown him over to give him access to their USS Liberty attack files and conduct interviews with those on their side.The material was shocking. 

The Soviets has deployed their nuclear subs off of both the US coasts. Their sub on station off the Israeli coast was having battery leakage problems that was causing some hallucinations onboard. Requests to leave its station had been denied as they were carrying ten nukes which were to be used if the US had attacked Syria or Egypt. It was a death sentence for the crew as they had to surface to fire back then. 

The missiles were also short range back then, 60 miles I think, so Israeli combat air cover would have gotten them for sure before they could have fired them all. But the flip side of that was the short flight to Israel did not allow for much warning. 

We barely averted a nuclear war then, which is why so much was covered up. Dick Thompson was honored on that trip by being the only only non Russian at the memorial ceremony for the tragic Kursk submarine loss August 12th, 2000. They further honored him by having the sub commander who had listened to the USS Scorpion break up and go down share the story of what really happened. 

And in a typical display of Russian stage drama, they had dined at a Chinese restaurant in St. Petersburg…on fried scorpions. I did a radio show last week with a close fried of Dick’s who told me they had made him an honorary submariner. I share this with you as an example of the respect that reasonable people can have for each other, even on opposing sides, and I hope there are some still around today to balance out the crazy ones. 

And finally, back to the second foot on the brake. Regardless of the damage that the US could inflict on Iran, it could not prevent Iran’s economic retaliation that we all have had plenty of time to assess. They can quickly close the Hormuz straits and destroy both Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s oil facilities. Part of the Baku pipeline actually runs through Iran. That also could be quickly cut. And if they wanted to, Iran could take Baku in two days. 

That alone would be mutually assured financial destruction before Putin did anything. And if Israel had attacked first, and then the US joined in, Washington and Tel Aviv would be blamed for all of the economic destruction, and deservedly so. 

Many here feel Americans would march on DC to over throw their government and we would then find out where the military really stood. Hopefully they would prevent such an irresponsible event from taking place, because if they did, they would be honoring their oath for defending their country. 

As for the Israelis…well, I would hate to be in Israel if they were stupid enough to attack Iran. If the rest of the world had been working on the pre-emptive strike doctrine, Israel have been turned into the world’s largest parking lot decades ago. But alas, we are not them thank God.

 Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for New Eastern Outlook.


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