After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill

The highly controversial figure, George Soros has become one of the richest men on the planet by creating a great many hedge funds including Soros… More
Economics Southeast Asia - Thailand

Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and China?

The lights are coming back on in Venezuela, businesses are starting to reopen and the country seems to have suffered… More
Politics USA in the World

US is Behaving as True Looters Do

According to the agency South Front, the United States has transported approximately 50 tons of gold from the regions occupied… More
Politics USA in the World

Germany’s Merkel & France’s Macron Plan for EU Naval Air Power

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the next step in consolidating the power of Germany’s Fourth Reich alongside Rothschild lackey… More
Politics Europe

New US Ambassador to Azerbaijan is a First-Class Troublemaker

In early March, Washington sent a new ambassador to Azerbaijan that was appointed by the sitting US president Donald Trump… More
Politics Transcaucasia - Azerbaijan


New US Ambassador to Australia Obsessed with China

h678US Ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse Jr. wasted no time at his new diplomatic post to begin strong-arming Canberra into adopting Washington’s confrontational policy vis-à-vis Beijing. A Reuters article published by the South China Morning Post titled, “China using…

Asian-Pacific region - Australia

Japan-South Korea: Mutual Resentment is Hardly on Decline

694940094001One would have to point out straightaway that the subject of rising tensions between Japan and South Korea is not among the top events in world politics, which are primarily shaped by the media. In all likelihood, ordinary people are not even remotely interested in developments…

Eastern Asia - South Korea

War Against Venezuela Is War Against Us All

BLC434322The American war on Venezuela continues to escalate with the sabotage of it’s electricity grid, the most serious action of all so far, which was not only an act of terrorism against the entire civilian population but also an attempt to shut down exports of Venezuelan oil. This is…

USA in the World

Are Algerian Protests a Color Revolution?

AG19The ongoing protests against the sitting president Abdelaziz Bouteflika that remained at the helm of Algerian politics for two decades and was going to run for the office for the fifth time have led to an abrupt deterioration in the political situation in this country. As a matter…

Africa - Algeria

A Deadly Spring for Syria and the World

7765Trump has just asked Congress for $150bn for military operations in the Middle East at a time when the US is, supposedly, shutting down its efforts there and has very few troops stationed and nearly none at all in combat. This is more money than the US spent when it had up to 20,000…

USA in the World

US Lawmakers Ponder: “To Impeach?” or “To Run?”

TRM642234234The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, made headlines by declaring that it ‘Wasn’t Worth’ impeaching President Trump. Analysts explained this was because if an impeachment brought by the opposition party doesn’t get enough votes, that party fails to make gains…

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Results of the North Korean leader’s visit to Vietnam

CLN3422In previous reports on Kim Jong-un’s visit, we described his arrival in Vietnam and his meeting with the President of the United States, however, the program Kim Jong-un had scheduled for his visit did not end there. In the afternoon on 1 March, the Supreme Leader of North Korea…

Eastern Asia - North Korea


"Kalashnikov" in India: a Success Story of Bilateral Collaboration

453453112A great success has been achieved in one area of cooperation between India and Russia: the military and technical sphere. For quite some time now, the Republic of India has been viewed as a key importer of Russian weapons. In recent years, this special status enjoyed by…

Southern Asia - India

Korea Potential Divides US Billionaires

012310Among the inner circles of the American financial oligarchy, some think that North Korea is an existential threat to the hegemony of western capitalism that should be met with nothing but shunning, sanctions and military threats. However, others think the DPRK could be a huge…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

The Deadlock between China and the West is taking its Toll on New Zealand's Economy

AUC4534522Throughout 2018, the trade war mounted between China and the US. This is part of a larger standoff between China and the English-speaking world led by America, which is not only putting obvious economic interests at stake, but is also creating security issues…

USA in the World

Washington is Waging a New Dimension War Against China – and will Lose out Bitterly

MCDOnce the all-encompassing chittering and chattering about tariffs on Chinese imports by the western corporate media subsided, Trump, egocentric businessman rather than the President of the Empire, “out of the blue”, one could almost say, under the pretext of ‘unfair’ Chinese…

USA in the World

The Night Shot Lie: Economic Development on the Korean Peninsula

NKRDefenders of unregulated globalist capitalism often compare economic conditions in North Korea to those in South Korea as an argument for their policies. This is a completely fallacious argument, ignoring the actual history of how the Korean Peninsula has developed since 1945…

Eastern Asia - North Korea

Why is Saudi Arabia Turning towards ‘the East’?

17085Last two weeks saw Saudi Arabi’s Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) visiting Asia—Pakistan, India and China— for the first time ever. Promises of investment were made, signalling how Saudi Arabia was pushing towards expanding its economy globally. Although the visit seems to have been…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

Iran: New Realities and New Challenges

IRN342342It is still less than a year since the European Union gave birth to, in Pushkin’s words, “neither son nor daughter, frog nor mouse, but a creature none had seen before”. The “creature” we are referring to is the long–awaited financial mechanism for trade with Iran, which bears the name…

Middle East - Iran


Can China and Russia Survive in this Unharmonious World?

764Does it pay ‘to be good’? Is it still possible to play by the rules in this mad world, governed by brigands? What if the rules are defined and ratified by all countries of the world, but a small group of the strongest (militarily) nations totally ignores them, while using its…

Russia in the World

Terrorist or Naive 15 Year Old: Poster Girl for Terrorist Organisation or Home Secretary?

70af18d6aaA UK journalist went to a refugee camp in Syria and found a “British” girl who had travelled from London to join ISIS when she was 15. Shamima Begum, now 19, was interviewed and asked to be forgiven and allowed to return home. However, as she also said she doesn’t regret…


Mark Zuckerberg's Dilemma: Eventually Silicon Valley Will Fall...

567456533The Silicon Valley monopolist Mark Zuckerberg, who controls the social media empire known as “Facebook” finds himself in an increasingly tough spot. Certain forces within the western political establishment want him to exercise his power more ruthlessly, but he realizes this…

USA in the World

Idlib –Reportage from the Last Front in Syria

SY1For a while, all the guns have fallen silent. I am near Idlib, the last stronghold of the terrorists in Syria. The area where the deadliest anti-government fighters, most of them injected into Syria from Turkey, with Saudi, Qatari and Western ‘help’, are literally holed up, ready…

Middle East - Syria

Washington is fomenting a Religious Schism on its Quest for Global Domination

There’s no denying that wars on religious grounds have been among the most protracted and painful conflicts throughout human history, with no other form of conflict even coming close to the sheer amount of violence and bloodshed that such confrontations provoke. Predictably enough…

Russia in the World

We’re Killing Off Our Vital Insects Too

50INRecent independent scientific studies indicate that we are threatening our vital global insect population, including of bees, with widespread extinction through massive deployment of agriculture pesticides. For most of us, insects such as flies or mosquitoes or wasps are nuisances…

USA in the World

What's Behind Hollywood & CIA's Love for Black Power?

f64e4110Anyone who watched the 2019 Academy Awards Ceremony could not help but notice a big emphasis on the African-American Community and its history. Meanwhile, as the Oscar Ceremony was taking place, the US Central Intelligence Agency began highlighting the film “Black Panther” on…

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