How Incompetent can a Modern Abettor State Grow?

Over the last couple of years, London’s relentless determination to lecture each and every one from the so-called moral high… More
Politics Europe

Batam Island - Indonesia's Sorry Attempt to Create Second Singapore

This time it was really supposed to work! The turbo-capitalist, anti-Communist and obedient Indonesia got so used to hearing bizarrely… More
Society Southeast Asia

Time to Invite Russian Diplomats Back with an Apology

On 4th of March 2018 former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were discovered on a park… More
Politics Russia in the World

Why is the West Looking Like a ‘US vs. NATO’ Territory?

When Donald Trump recently criticized Germany and other NATO members for not spending the required sum of money on NATO… More
Politics Europe

Russia and the Redemption of the FBI

Historically, Russia has much to fear. From the beginning of the 20th century onward, starting with the Russo-Japanese war and… More
Politics USA in the World


Alas Poor Boris Johnson: The Clown Has Gone, But Nobody is Laughing

092021187741473321As Shakespeare almost said in Hamlet, “Alas poor Boris! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!” The United Kingdom is still one of the major powers, or…


Trump Blackmails NATO Using Russia for Intimidation

DRaeoDoU8AAZ6Q3On July 10, the US President Donald Trump began his journey to Europe with a visit to Brussels to attend the NATO summit which is going to be rather complicated. A sheer discrepancy is becoming obvious: Trump believes that the US is spending a disproportionate amount of money on…

USA in the World

Netanyahu has No Business Talking Business in Moscow

F151018ASPOOL10On July 11, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Moscow. He announced on the eve of his departure to Russia that this visit would play a pivotal role in the bilateral relations of the two countries in light of the ongoing Syrian debacle. It is clear what lies behind…

Middle East - Israel

Helsinki: A Summit that the Whole World Anticipates

1da9da16db12494cab7a989d7eb3f4fa_18There’s no arguing that the ongoing FIFA World Cup is not the only Russia-related event that the international media keeps discussing week after week. One can come across hundreds of articles dissecting every aspect of the upcoming meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the sitting…

Russia in the World

Will Trump Shake off the Chains of the Banksters?

Trump675323Trump will come to Helsinki to meet Putin dragging the chains of a Russian policy few understand, none accept the origins of, a policy whose roots are suppressed as “conspiratorial” or, even more frightening, erased entirely from history. American policy has always been driven by…

USA in the World

Damascus and Moscow Dominate the Syrian South Confidently

36cbea77ffa4ca6f5ca3cc6c1b49c40ab86ec9f4After the Russian aviation from the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) group based in Hmeimim started to participate actively in the military operation of Damascus in the provinces of Daraa and As-Suwayda (Nota Bene: on some days there are as many as 70 operation flights per day), the Syrian…

Middle East - Syria

Trump-Putin Summit: No Deal, but a Reality Check for Trump & Co.

PTRS97456342There is a lot of expectation from the up-coming Putin-Trump summit—and it is not just in Syria or Russia, but in the United States, in Israel and Iran too. Ironically enough, while the bigger expectation is that Syrian end-game will get a lot of traction, within the United States…

Middle East - Syria


Perspectives on The Northern Sea Route Project

745623423423One of the most important resources the Russia possesses is its territory. The Russian Federation’s unique position, its huge length spanning east to west, and access to the Pacific and Artic Oceans could allow Russia to create on its territory unique transport routes of global…

Russia in the World

EU Not Ending Greek Crisis, They End Greece

GREC84563523With great fanfare at the end of June, the 19 EU Eurozone finance ministers announced the end to the eight-year-long Greek debt crisis that brought the entire Euro structure into its deepest crisis to date. The exercise is a deep deception. The EU ministers refused to write off any…


The Vietnamese–Japanese Сooperation is a Bitep Closer to a Multipolar World

Export--768x597The long-standing and fruitful cooperation between Japan and Vietnam is not only very advantageous in economic terms for both parties, but it also has a great potential of influencing the future of the whole Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia (SEA) is one of the most rapidly…

Southeast Asia - Vietnam

China and Africa

7462412231China is employing a foreign policy strategy in Africa that is both an inherent part of and intertwined with Beijing’s foreign policy doctrine. Its main aim is to turn the African continent into China’s strategic asset, whose purpose would be to grow PRC’s political and economic might and enable China…


Washington’s Latest Myths, Lies and Oil Wars

TRD654242342As American motorists complain of rising gasoline prices, the Trump Administration and the oil and banking interests behind it are smiling on their way to the proverbial bank. If we look at seeming disparate events in Iran, in Venezuela and now in Libya it becomes clear there is a coherent strategy to…

USA in the World

Nuclear Power is a New Sphere of Cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan

Russia is one of the leaders in the market of nuclear-related technologies and is renowned for quality and safety of its nuclear power plants, whose reasonable cost is especially attractive for moderate-sized developing nations. Many countries, facing issues linked to…

Central Asia - Uzbekistan

The US Can’t Win the Self-imposed Trade War

GMC575233Like the many unwinnable wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria) started by two previous US presidents, president Trump’s war of his own choosing against China is also unwinnable not just because China is a formidable ally and has the capacity to retaliate massively, but also because China itself…

Eastern Asia - China


US Propaganda: Time Magazine Takes Swipe at Thailand

THAI5673452342Time Magazine’s article titled, “Thailand’s Leader Promised to Restore Democracy. Instead He’s Tightening His Grip,” reflects Wall Street and Washington’s growing displeasure with the current Thai government and its seemingly successful efforts to pivot the nation away from US-backed…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

The Hopeless Problem of White Supremacy

734532342I’ve been writing for several years about the inevitability of Europe becoming Muslim, however, Europe’s leaders are only now beginning to grapple with the problem of Third World immigration, apparently oblivious to the fact that they cannot prevent the inevitable from happening…


US Senate Snakes Found Out

8112A letter from Georgia Senator David Perdue in response to my comment on the Syria debacle provides insight into how the American system of government has gone astray. When elected representatives of the people diverge so far from their sworn duty to speak for us, it’s time we found new…

USA in the World

There's no End to both the FIFA World Cup and Russia's Hospitality

FIF634542342Even though the FIFA World Cup in Russia is far from over, one can still examine the preliminary results of this major sports event. For sure, there’s been a number of those who would try to pierce the veil of time in a bid to name the team that will prevail, such as the octopus Paul…

Russia in the World

Chemical Weapons: UK Sinks to New Level with OPCW Terms of Reference Change

BOUK673443242The UK´s successful attempt to persuade the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to attribute blame for chemical weapons attacks has aroused much discussion…


Thai Cave Rescue Highlights the Best/Worst in People

TAI4242342When 12 young students and their football coach went missing in Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Rai amid the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system, many expected the worst. But the Thai government, its military, volunteers both in Thailand and from abroad spent 9 days until they were…

Southeast Asia - Thailand

Yemen’s Media Blackout — the Language of War

77889“A free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad.” Albert Camus. Since the Saudi-led coalition declared war on impoverished Yemen: March 26, 2015, foreign journalists and independent news organisations have been…

Middle East - Yemen

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