Do You Really Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, Mister Trump?

It's hard to argue that the sitting US president is particularly good at attracting public attention to his persona, which… More
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City of Xi’an and Why the New Chinese Silk Road Terrifies the West?

Snow is falling on the wide sidewalks of the historic city of Xi’an, but people don’t seem to be troubled… More
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Who Gains from Turning Europe into a Potential Nuclear Battlefield?

The United States and its NATO partners are attempting to make the case for Washington's decision to abandon the Intermediate-Range Nuclear… More
Politics Europe

The New York Times, a New Reich, and Those Greek Colonies

What’s the next liberal world order strategy? This is what comes to mind when the New York Times prints that… More
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“Arab NATO” Explodes on Takeoff

It hasn't gone unnoticed by the majority of geopolitical analysts that the Trump administration has been promoting the idea of… More
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Russia Should NOT Get Mad over “Alleged” INF Treaty Violations

7765Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Russian Council Committee on Foreign Affairs recently said, “The US has taken another step towards destroying the world.” Regardless we must agree that it was understatement, especially in light of all that is happening on Donald Trump’…

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Italy Takes on Macron

ANMA45345232The ever-closer bond between Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel not only testifies that France and Germany, Europe’s two largest countries, have overcome a millenarian enmity: it reveals a jointly held contempt for Europe’s south, (in particular that represented by ‘the boot’, and its on-going…


Syria and the Road to Return to the Ranks of the Arabs


Two themes have recently attracted the attention of media and social networks in the Middle East. The first is the trend towards a gradual restoration of Arab relations with the Syrian government. The second is the role of Russia in the region. The first is indicated by the resumption of the work of the UAE and Bahrain diplomatic missions in Damascus…

Middle East - Syria

Ukraine's Neo-Nazis "Suddenly" a Problem as Power Grows

544вThe central role right-wing extremists and literal Neo-Nazis played in Ukraine’s “Euromaidan” protests was obvious from the beginning. The square in Kiev the protests unfolded in were filled with the flags of ultra-right party, Svoboda as well as the red and black banners of…

Ukraine in the world

What’s Not Being Said About the Venezuela Oil War

VNSo far much of the discussion over what is driving the bizarre Trump Administration intervention into Venezuela centers around the comments of National Security Adviser John Bolton to claim it’s about oil. In a previous analysis we looked at the prospects of the huge Chavez Basin…

Eastern Asia - China

What Is Vladimir Putin Really Threatening?


Half a century from now historians and social scientists will wrestle with the defining questions at the dawn of the 21st-century. And unless I miss my guess, lucid researchers, philosophers, and professors will discuss what exactly it was that Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened. This should also be the most imperative question for today…

Russia in the World

Afghanistan: Russia Starts the True ‘Intra-Afghan Dialogue’

6332It wasn’t long ago when top US military officials had accused Russia of supplying weapons to the Afghan Taliban, an accusation that the mainstream western media understood not just in terms of some ‘Russian plan’ to make sure that the US meets a military defeat in Afghanistan but also that the war must drag on to inflict heavy damages on the US military…

Central Asia - Afghanistan


Is Debt China’s Achilles Heel?

12China’s credits to various countries along its much-discussed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the most ambitious infrastructure undertaking in history, have recently been criticized for drawing poor countries into a debt trap by extending huge credits. Myanmar is often cited, as well as Sri Lanka. Malaysia and Pakistan are renegotiating …

Eastern Asia - China

China, Germany and Japan at the Сentre of Davos 2019 Forum

5695The scheduled World Economic Forum, held at the end of January of this year in a Swiss town of Davos, was noteworthy in several ways. First of all we would like to highlight that its focus on Globalization 4.0 is a direct throwback to the times when the concept of the Fourth…


Brace for Impact: Global Financial Crisis May be Just Around the Corner

CRI6532The cyclical nature of the world economy, when every single decade ends in a major meltdown of the world financial results in a number of experts predicting a global crisis to take place in 2019. Everyone remembers the crisis of 2008, from which the West hasn’t fully recovered…

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The Tale of "Count" Soros and the Young Latvian State he Destroyed

SOR454322All across the globe alternative media sites would typically describe George Soros as the mastermind of a “globalist” movement, who would undermine any society it can profit from through subversion, manipulation and trickery…


Comprehensive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Entered into Force

CCT4532121 January 2019 marked the third day since the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) came into force. Irrespective of what will happen during this whole, still new year, the aforementioned event will remain among the most…

Eastern Asia - Japan

Washington Cheats its Way into the EU Energy Market, Yet it Lives Off Russian Gas

RLNG564522Over the past two years, Washington has been adamant in its attempts to pursue a dominant position on the international energy markets in accordance with the strategy presented by Donald Trump, which included an aggressive takeover of the European market by ensuring…

Russia in the World

Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

4500Back during the early days of the Bush-Cheney administration, countless articles and even official statements by the International Energy Agency and various governments proclaimed the onset of what was termed Peak Oil. This was a time when former Halliburton CEO, Vice President Dick Cheney, was named…

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What Wahhabism Looks Like From Up Close And Personal

6553How many times will we need to be reminded of the horrors of Wahhabism – that cult, which for lack of better words murdered and pillaged its way to the heights of power to better rationalise itself a school of thought under the umbrella of Sunni Islam, for our world leaders to…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

Britain's Dire Economic Situation is of Little Concern for Theresa May

MAYL6865353It seems that the most haunting question in Britain today is: What future awaits its citizens after Brexit? This is hardly an example of lazy thoughts, as there’s a rapid deterioration of the living conditions of the British population – a direct result of numerous miscalculations…


How Come the World is Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

USTRIt may sound incredible, but it is true: in countries that have been damaged, even totally robbed and destroyed by the West, many people are still enamored with Europe and North America. For years, I have been observing this ‘phenomena’, even in the most plundered, devastated…

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America’s “Chattering Class”

fake news 740While a world largely dominated by American arms and culture careens from one disaster to the next, its propagandists are obsessed with trivia: whether a governor whose college year-book exhibits a photo of a black-face standing next to a hooded clansman thirty-five years ago should resign, how many hours a day the President spends watching television, or what…

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Finally, Washington is Now Law-Bound to Compensate its Victims!

VIC67455232Since most of us are aware of the way Washington approaches its alleged fight against terrorism, murdering tens of thousands of civilians in the process, it seems that the relatives of all those who perished under American bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria may finally get their…

USA in the World

China Creates, Macau Burns and Robs

CAS1It is truly an amazing site: monstrous US hotels and casinos, just few hundred meters from the Mainland China. All that kitsch that one usually associates with Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but bigger, much bigger! In fact, Macau is the biggest casino sprawl in the world. Casinos, most…

Eastern Asia - China

Can Saudi Arabia Get any More Terrorism-prone

wahhabismAfter following in the wake of Washington’s policies both silently and obediently for decades, it would seem that the EU decided to man up and make a couple of steps of its own, even if just for a change. However, one would be rather surprised to know that among these steps was…

Middle East - Saudi Arabia

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